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How to Start a Gold Business and Make Money Buying & Selling Gold
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At this point, Management would most likely leave the Company to pursue other ventures. The second exit strategy would be to engage a secondary capital raising that would allow Management and Investors to cash out a portion of the equity built into the business while concurrently providing the firm with more capital for trading. This exit strategy would still require that Management operate the firm on a day to day basis, so in actuality it is only a partial exit strategy.

However, by raising a secondary or tertiary round of capital, the business could easily expand to become a much larger trading firm after the third year of operations. As stated in the executive summary, the business intends to actively trade contracts, swaps, and options related to gold commodities and physical gold. The Company, prior to the onset of operations, will develop brokerage relationships with major commodities brokers that will place and manage trades on behalf of the Company.

As discussed earlier, the Company intends to use conservative 1: However, most exchanges permit the use of 1: Currency trading can often provide leverage of 1: Management will only use larger amounts of leverage when the underlying commodities have been properly hedged using counteracting options.

Delta neutral trading allows the firm to generate revenues on commodities these types of trades are available on all gold commodities trading simply through the volatility of the underlying positions.

With the pace of inflation increasing significantly in the last year, Management sees a significant opportunity to develop substantial profit streams through volatility style trading rather than attempting to determine the direction of any given market. This section of the analysis will detail the economic climate, the gold and commodities trading industry, the customer profile, and the competition that the business will face as it progresses through its business operations.

Currently, the economic market condition in the United States is in recession. This slowdown in the economy has also greatly impacted real estate sales, which has halted to historical lows.

Inflation is somewhat of a concern for the Company. As the inflation rate decreases, the purchasing power parity of the American dollar decreases in relation to other currencies. This may pose a risk to the Company should rampant inflation, much like the inflation experienced in the late s, occur again. The financial services sector has become one of the fastest growing business segments in the U. Computerized technologies allow financial firms to operate advisory and brokerage services anywhere in the country.

In previous decades, most financial firms needed to be within a close proximity to Wall Street in order to provide their clients the highest level of service. This is no longer the case as a firm can access almost every facet of the financial markets through Internet connections and specialized trading and investment management software.

With these advances, several new firms have been created to address the needs of people in rural and suburban areas. Within the United States, there are approximately 2, companies that independently trade futures and commodities contracts with the intent to generate a profit.

If you want to start a business buying and selling gold , below are some few steps to take The first recommended step to take when planning to start your gold business is to register your business and obtain all necessary business licenses that may be required to trade in gold. You may consider registering your business as a limited liability company so that you can protect your personal assets from any business liability. You should also make up your mind on the kinds of gold you want to be dealing in.

Do you want to be buying outdated jewelries or broken jewelries, so that you can refine and resell? Wedding bands or brand new gold jewelry for resale, or would you rather deal in raw gold?

Below are few niches within the gold trading business, that you can start today. The gold business goes beyond buying and selling gold. There are new trends in the business that you can also take advantage of. For instance, you can go into selling gold-plated items such as cellphones and tablet computers or even luxury wine bottles.

You can even get people who want to customize their phones or design their clothes with gold. All these are business opportunities you can look into. Gold business is not a business that you can enter into as a novice. To be a successful gold trader, you must know how to measure and weigh the purity of gold, prior to buying it.

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How to Start a Gold Business and Make Money Buying & Selling Gold. Do you need ideas on the best ways to make money buying and selling gold coins, scrap, jewelries? Develop a business plan. How to Buy and Sell Gold Coins Safely from Banks in USA. Investing in Gold Vs Silver Online in USA – Which is the Best.

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Write A Business Plan For Gold Business Know who your buyers of gold are, how much of gold you can easily sell of within a short time and what type of gold these gold buyers are willing to buy. READ: JEWELRY MARKETING PLAN. Unless you plan your gold-buying business for quick turnover, you can ride the volatile gold prices and make even more money or lose much of your investment. Do I Need to Pay Tax When I Sell.

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Free Merchandise Retail Buy And Sell Gold Sample Business Plan for Buy And Sell Gold - Business Plan # Okay, so we have provided you an in-depth sample gold buying and selling business plan template. We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample gold and silver retailing marketing plan backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for gold buying and selling businesses. Is Professional Certification Needed to Buy and Sell.