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Doctorate Degree Online: 5 Best Values 2018

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❶Check with the school for the latest information Degree offered: A research degree, The Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing trains leaders for teaching, research, the clinical environment, and as senior nursing administrators.

Legal loop-holes allow you to get your Ph.D., DBA degree based on experience.

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Walden employs only Ph. The program also excels in accessibility, combining both virtual and in-person residencies as a way to help learners from all locales acquire as much hands-on, real-life training as possible. This combination of flexibility and practicality is part of what makes Walden University one of the best online Ph. Learn more about Walden University.

The majority of the curriculum focuses on social cognition, theories of instruction, and research-based approaches to mental processes such as reasoning and motivation.

Learn more about Grand Canyon University. Website Touro University is another option for would-be psychology students who already know exactly what they want to do. Students whose interest is limited to human and organizational psychology particularly workforce interactions can earn superior training from Touro.

Learn more about Touro University Worldwide. Website Not only is California Southern University the most affordable selection on this list, but it is also one of the few online Psy. Students invest significant time in a final doctoral project that serves as a culmination of their educational training, but you also have the freedom to pick a research topic about which you are passionate. The credit program generally takes about four years to complete and offers the advanced training in therapy and counseling that many other distance education options lack.

Learn more about California Southern University. Methodology Affordability tends to be an especially important consideration for many would-be students, which is why we gathered together a selection of the 10 most affordable online doctoral programs in psychology. Keiser University Online Psychology PhD Website The online doctorate in psychology at Keiser University has been carefully designed to help you achieve success, both during your education and after graduation.

When you receive the Master of Science in Nursing degree at Frontier, you can continue seamlessly into the 17 credit hour companion DNP program Accreditation: Successful candidates will demonstrate expertise in among other things the ability to reflect critically and ethically on matters of equity and social justice in educational settings; and to collaborate to solve educational problems and implement strategic actions that reflect justice for all students and stakeholders.

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Only 4 percent of all nursing schools in the country offer this entry level to doctoral education. But consider the fast track. Is it worth it Ga. State is in downtown Atlanta…not a bad place to be? It offers students a motivational learning community in which to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to lead and transform educational institutions.

Graduates will understand the foundational base of organizational theory and demonstrate the ability to bridge theory and practice.

These concentrations, in combination with critical leadership training, provide graduates with a comprehensive set of skills that allow them to facilitate positive change in the educational landscape Accreditation: Go to the above URL for more information.

The accelerated courses mean they explain that at most it would take 3 years to earn that Ph. We highly recommend that you learn everything you can about Holy State before committing to it.

Be very careful here. But it could be. We looked through lists of diploma mills and did not find this university listed. That is a good thing. So, we included it in this list. We recommend further research before you lay out any tuition fees.

You can earn your Ph. As 27 credits from a DNP degree transfer to this Ph. Now to the overview: Students enrolled in the program will gain knowledge in everything from curriculum evaluation in nursing to conducting various kinds of research necessary for teaching in the university level nursing classroom. According to their own website, this particular graduate program is seeking specific accreditation. Please return to the college website for the latest news. Doctor of Business Administration Fast Track: Graduates of this part-time program will be prepared for a wide variety of leadership positions in pre-K settings and the education industry.

This hybrid program allows students to take online courses during the fall and spring semesters and participate in intensive day summer experiences, during three consecutive summer residency sessions on the K-State campus. The personal financial planning doctorate offers students a wide array of concentrations. Additional content beyond the MSN includes: Doctor of Nursing Practice Fast Track: Overview of the program: During the first year of study, students undertake an interdisciplinary core curriculum of courses and rotate through laboratories throughout the Graduate School.

After that you can choose a major discipline of study and dissertation sponsor, complete the remaining didactic requirements in the chosen discipline, and begin intensive research training. Formal course work is usually substantially completed within two years, after which the student completes the qualifying exam, forms a dissertation advisory committee, presents a formal thesis proposal, and devotes his or her primary effort to the dissertation research project.

State Board of Regents. The school offers two plans of study for the DNP program: This program educates nurses working in advanced practice and leadership roles with the values and additional knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to practice in an ever-changing health care environment.

The DNP graduate will be poised to take on a leading role in direct patient care, in the management of care for individuals and communities, in health care policy decision making, and at the senior level of management within healthcare organizations.

One thing the university promotes: The program is tailored to accentuate the future of the pharmacy profession while also developing pharmacists who are familiar with contemporary practice. The curriculum is structured to educate and prepare competent pharmaceutical practitioners who can provide care in a variety of institutional, community, and other settings.

Students learn the skills needed to assess, monitor, initiate, or adjust drug therapy programs. Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. Leadership, Discovery and Application of Knowledge. These DNP programs are designed for the working healthcare professional: The DPT program itself is 3 years Students receive clinical training in hospitals and clinics through its membership with the Life Science Consortium of Northern Indiana.

The program is designed to enhance the effectiveness and enlarge the perspective of public and private organization leaders, policy makers, and researchers. We have the fastest, quickest doctorate. You expressly agree that your use of this site is at your sole risk. Your Doctorate phd in days, comes with a world of benefits.

Enroll today for your Fast PHD. Accredited, Trust the quick, quickest source for degrees based on experience. Quickest College University Degrees. Legal loop-holes allow you to get your Ph.

Many use their Life experience Doctorate Degree to: If you have eight years, of related experience, Enroll Today. Thank you to quick College Degree Fast. Quickest Doctorate degree programs. You will receive a confirmation of the Universities that have accepted you based on your skills and experience, and will issue your Doctorate degree. You can choose the University Online degree program that suits you best. College Degree Fast, has more majors than any other life experience doctorate degree program online.

Popular majors for based on statistics, are: As required, your Legal College degree, issued on the basis of your life experience, is issued from an excellent university name in good standing.

The University phone, fax and address are located on your documents. Additionally, information is on the back of your bachelor transcripts. Exemplify the highest ideals.

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Top 50 Most Affordable Online PhD Programs Our list of the top 50 affordable online Ph.D. programs is a ranking that takes into account base tuition for ranking. Many of the programs have further fees and we encourage all readers to research the various fees associated with the various institutions. Graduates of online PhD programs in education may take on leadership roles or become professors themselves--careers with greater earning potential. Learn more.